What are Solar Energy Renewable Credits (SRECs)?

In many states, utility companies must purchase a certain number of kWh of electricity from renewable solar technology.  SRECs are the currency that is used to trade this generated power:  one SREC is equal to 1000kWh of generated energy.

If you have a solar array on your roof that generates 10000 kWh of electricity per year, you will earn 10 SREC per year, which you can then sell to the utility companies to help them meet their quotas.

What do you Do with SRECs?

SRECs are a commodity whose value fluctuates based on many factors.  A good resource to find out what your SRECs are worth is SRECTrade.com.

How Many SRECs has the Solar Idea House Generated?

As of September 2015, the Solar Idea House has generated almost 20,000 kWh over its lifetime, which equates to about 20 SRECs.